понедельник, 25 февраля 2013 г.

Бабушкина родня

Credits: Haute Halloween by Holliewood Studios, Before The First Snow by Lorie Davison, Creative Soul by Createwings Designs & Jofia Devoe, Wish Upon A Star by Holliewood Studios, Love Journal by Kimla Designs, Strange Beauty & Odd Town by Priss Designs, Smell My Feet by Valorie Brown, Sakura by akizo Designs,  The Beautiful Moments by NLD Designs, Little Garden by WendyP Designs, Days Gone By by Carena's Designs, My Workplace  & Old Diary PSD Collages by Friendly Scrap, Freebies Vintage Scans & Free Vintage Papers Kit by Far Far Hill, Modern Kitchen by Friendly Scrap, Free PSD Collage My Life by Super Scrap, Free Envelopes and papers stock photos from "You The Designer" blog.

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