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2011 Bloomfest Grab Bag by By Becca

Three brand new products available during Bloomfest only -- the total value on these is $11.49, so this is a fantastic bargain!  
Detailed images of everything are in the previews above.  Everything is created at 300 dpi for perfect printing results.

In the Bag
Mask It: Painted Grunge
  • four BIG png masks in black perfect for clipping photos, papers, elements.  Limited only by your imagination.

Scrapstyles: So Nancy
  • A set of four layered templates created by Nancy (kathleena) from layouts that she has made with By Becca kits and focused on photos in the round.
  • Each template comes as a layered tiff file and as individual stackable png files, one for each layer in the template

Friday Afternoon
Friday Afternoon is a slight deviation from my usual pretty and elegant style into something a bit more edgy and fun.  It is gender neutral in palette and style and is completely versatile.  It can be moody, grungy, artistic, urban and even pretty.  

Available for $4 through April 21st at

My pages:
Credits: Friday Afternoon from By Becca, Templates Scrapstyles: So Nancy from By Becca.
GSO - thanks to Jimena!

Credits: Friday Afternoon from By Becca, Simple Steps Freebie Template by WendyP Designs. 
Poem by Nadezhda Rogova.

GSO - thanks to Dida!

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